Red Bull Crashed Ice (Quebec)

It’s 12:19 am, Sunday night/Monday morning. Just got back to the hotel motel Holiday Inn by the airport. Don’t even get me started on those HACKS at Air Canada cancelling our flight back to Calgary. Just a reminder of why I fly WestJet. We’ve gotta be at the airport at 4 am local time. Not too happy about it either.

This was definitely a rad weekend. The people at Red Bull really know how to throw an event - they don’t fuck around. Our rep Josh was a rad host - they treated us really really well, and we met a lot of good people. For those of you that know me, you know that I have the alcohol tolerance of a pre-pubescent teenage girl. This was a rough one…

My favorite memories of this weekend, albeit foggy ones, were of myself throwing out roundhouse kicks in the middle of the Crashed Ice after party; singing Jackson 5 to Chris Bird, then getting upset when he wouldn’t be Tito; and butchering together what small pieces of French I still remember from my childhood as we made our way through Quebec City and Montreal. 

And the poutine! My god, the poutine.

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